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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles unveils most efficient T5

Clean BlueMotion Technology: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles unveils most efficient T5

• With BlueMotion Technology market leader consumes just 6.8 l/100 km

• At 179g CO2 per kilometre the T5 is the cleanest van in its

Hanover, 21st September 2010 – At the 63rd Commercial Vehicles IAA in Hanover (23rd to 30th September) the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand will be demonstrating its great innovative strength. Alongside highlights like the new Caddy and Amarok, the Hanover based operation will be showing an especially frugal variant of the Transporter – the Transporter TDI with BlueMotion Technology and great potential for savings.

Compared to an equivalent model with the same engine from the current range, at just 6.8 l/100 km the Transporter with BlueMotion Technology needs 0.5 litres less diesel (equating to 179 rather than 193 g/km of CO2). This has been achieved by means of efficient, high-torque common rail four cylinder engines combined with a Stop-Start system, brake energy recovery, tyres with particularly low roll resistance and special aerodynamic measures.

“The 2.0-litre common rail diesel engine gives us a modern power plant in the range with great money saving potential,” says Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, spokesman for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Brand Management Board and Director of Technical Development.

“The special measures we have taken here enable fuel consumption to be reduced to a new record low in this class. Over the medium term we will also be combining this technology with our direct shift transmission.”

The Stop-Start system in detail
It is particularly interesting to take a look at how the fully intuitive Stop-Start system works: the driver approaches a red light in his BlueMotion Technology Transporter, slows to a stop, switches to neutral and takes his foot off the clutch. This immediately turns the engine off. The ‘Stop-Start’ indicator now appears on the multi-function display. As soon as the traffic lights switch to amber and the driver puts his foot on the clutch, the engine automatically starts, the ‘Stop-Start’ indicator goes out, the driver puts the vehicle into gear and drives on. There is nothing more to do than when driving a standard van. The Stop-Start system thus makes an appreciable contribution to cutting fuel consumption.

Regenerative braking in detail
Regenerative braking helps the vehicle to utilise energy used in driving in the best way possible. Whenever the Transporter with BlueMotion Technology is coasting or braking, i.e. whenever the driver simply lifts his foot off the accelerator or consciously brakes, the generator’s voltage gets increased and is utilised to significantly recharge the vehicle’s battery.

Thanks to this generator control and the fact that the battery is thus always optimally charged, the generator’s voltage can be reduced, for example during acceleration or when constantly maintaining the desired speed. That reduces the load on the engine and thus lowers consumption. In order to make use of regenerative braking special software is needed for the energy management system and modified software for the engine control unit.

The Transporter with BlueMotion Technology will be making its debut at the 2010 Commercial Vehicles IAA in Hanover. This most fuel-efficient Transporter ever will be incorporated into Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ model range as of early 2011.

The BlueMotion Technologies – A concept of sustainability
BlueMotionTechnologies include all products, basic technologies and innovations that significantly improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. These basic technologies represent the foundations of BlueMotion. Currently, they cover the TDI (turbocharged diesel direct injection) and TSI (boosted petrol direct injection) engines as well as the extremely efficient Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG). They are supplemented by technological innovations that include drive variants such as EcoFuel (natural gas
engines), BiFuel (liquid natural gas engines), MultiFuel (ethanol engines), hybrid systems and electric drives, as well as NOx emissions control, regenerative braking and the Stop-Start system. These basic technologies and innovations are getting incorporated into a growing range of products. These products / vehicles are currently grouped at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles into three concept brands: ‘BlueMotion’, ‘BlueMotion Technology’ and ‘BlueTDI’.

BlueMotion: This concept brand represents the most fuel-efficient Volkswagen model in each vehicle class. They are specially designed and configured with TDI engines, and all trendsetters when it comes to fuel economy and low emissions.

BlueMotion Technology: Vehicles with BlueMotion Technology can be individually configured. Customers thus have a largely free choice of equipment lines and options. When it comes to the drive train, however, the cars are equipped with exceptionally fuel-efficient TDI and TSI engine variants. BlueMotion Technology is selected as an equipment package when purchasing a new car.

BlueTDI: The third BlueMotion Technologies brand is BlueTDI. It represents the cleanest diesel models in their respective classes. The common rail TDI engines of these Volkswagen commercial vehicles are combined as standard with an SCR catalytic converter that further reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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